Girl Nxt Door

Hope & Healing



Let's begin with "Call me Risha."  My birth name is Marisha but I you can call me "Risha."  I am a spoken word poet, blogger and writer; just like everyone else I'm a product of grace with a story to tell.  I have had several experiences in which I found myself wanting to look and feel "the part."  I carried myself in a way that was perceived as "cute" but I was uncomfortable. After several years and transitions I have looked within myself to find who I truly am. So far, this is what I have: I am a plain Jane that has a passion for God, art, and helping others.  As a result, God has given me the vision of this brand to use my passion to sow hope, healing, and encouragement.  



"Girl Nxt Door" is a tool to invite everyone to accept who they truly are and feel comfortable with not fitting into societal pigeon holes: secular humanist values, tradition, tax brackets,  jean sizes, stilettos, hues, and etc.  "Girl Nxt Door" is a form of resistance to societal pressures to conform for acceptance. The Girl Next Door is the one who does not "look" the part but is one that is reliable, sound, and honest. That's me. The Girl Next Door.  There is an elixir of experiences, failures, triumphs, observations, and testaments within me to present God's grace and power through writing and spoken word; and I'm ready to share.



Let this be written for a future generation, that a people not yet created may praise the LORD:
Psalms 102:18niv