We will be using the donations to help provide resources and items to the migrants over the border who are in need. We work with many shelters in Tijuana. We do our best to provide support and care for the men, women, and children in the shelters. Border Angels has expanded to conduct humanitarian work for migrants and advocates for human rights, humane immigration reform, and social justice. Our work is aimed at reducing the number of lives lost along the U.S.-Mexico border: people who are seeking a better life, basic sustenance for their family, or freedom from poverty and violence.
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We’ve seen disturbing images and reports of the living conditions of migrants and refugees on the border. It’s caused me ponder what I could do-how I could help. Call Me Risha has partnered with Border Angels to host a virtual drive that provides an opportunity for anyone to help support those in need.

Border Angels has established three (3) registries to purchase items that are needed. The registries are connected with their mailing address and will be shipped directly to Border Angels who will then deliver the items that have been purchased.

Visit Border Angels for more information about the organization (www.borderangels.org)

Registries are listed below, simply click the logos to get started!