Close to Home


Close to Home

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"This compilation of short stories will grip your mind, your soul, and your spirit.  I believe that everyone will find themselves in the pages of this book."

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Close to Home presents a medley of short stories that entice readers to consider life from a greater perspective. 

Tiffany and Tristan are twins who have earned a promotion. Johnson is an entitled serviceman who is put to the ultimate test. Tiffany, Tristan, and Johnson soon learn the importance of obedience and humility when their lives cross paths at an untimely event.

Shana reveals the dark side of blind love as she and a romantic interest pursue a lifetime together. Or so it seems!

Deidre finds herself at a crossroad when she’s forced to choose between a lifestyle of security and stability or what she loves more than anything.

Follow the journeys of Tiffany, Tristan, Shana, and Deidre as their decisions reveal the frailty of humanity with a call to action, believer or not, to closely examine life as we know it.